2022 Honors Football Hobby Box

2022 Honors Football Hobby Box SALE


$1,099.69 $1,200.00

2022 Honors Football Hobby Box

Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 1 packs per box
BOX CONTENTS: 1 recollection collection autograph, 1 other autograph, 1 base, and 1 base parallel

Honors is back in 2022! Featuring more on-card autographs and stars of the NFL.

Look for a brand new design in Honors Base and Autographs!

Every card in Honors will be numbered to 99 or less - excluding Non-Graded and Graded Originals cards.

Look for all the stars of the NFL, Past or Present, in Graded Originals, Players like: Patrick Mahomes II, Walter Payton, Johnny Unitas, Tom Brady, Junior Seau and many more.

Find one Recollection Collection Autograph per box, featuring some of the best players in NFL History. All will feature on-card autographs and hand numbering.